Happy 1st Birthday!


July 22nd. The day we discovered you were coming to be. We were already the parents of a newborn and terrified at the prospect of another one in just a few short months. You were planned, much to the surprise and shock of many; including daddy and I, really. For the next 8 months, we watched you grow, hiccup and conquer the field of gymnastics. The day mommy’s water broke in the doctor’s office was a pivotal point in our lives- when we truly prepared to welcome another little person into our lives. I spent my entire pregnancy stressing, questioning, wondering how in the world we were going to do this. Did I regret this? Could I even physically, mentally do it? Parent two tiny babies? I asked God to soften my heart, prepare me and encourage me; help me to share equal love between a husband and two babies. The true test showed face in the form of a perfect, healthy, gentle baby girl on March 26, 2013 at 3:58 pm, at a wholesome 6 pounds, 11 ounces and 20 inches long. As the clocked switched to 3:59 everything changed. I cradled you on my chest and felt the warmth of your soft little head on my cheek. I was so proud to be your mom. I am so proud to be your mom to this day. The last 365 days that we have been blessed by your presence have been such an honor in more ways than we can describe. Sure, there were days when we felt like we could give in, especially when you spent the first 9 months of your life waking every half hour during the night, much to our dismay. Nonetheless, all of that is clouded by memories of you learning to crawl, giggle, sit-up, wave, babble, explore and the wonderful opportunity for daddy & I to be parents all over again to a new, impressionable, sweet-natured little girl. Truthfully, witnessing the love you and your Sissy had for each other on day one was enough for me to realize we did the right thing. I am reassured of that with each passing day I see you two play peek-a-boo and giggle as you chase each other around the house. Often, I envision our lives together as you grow. I can’t wait to go shopping together and discuss college over coffee. I can’t wait to watch you make mistakes and truly learn and grow from them. I can’t wait to watch your lives progress into motherhood and managing a household. I can’t wait for Christmas’s when our grandkids run in the door and head straight for the cookie jar. I am so blessed to have been chosen to be a part of it. How easy it is to forget the honor it is to have been hand-selected to raise up a child of the Most High God. You have such a wonderful purpose instilled in your life and we can’t wait to see what that entails and the journey that it may take you on. We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments thus far (even with the only two teeth and small sprig of hair to show for it)! Thank you for teaching us to love all over again and for giving us the opportunity to parent another sweet, happy, gentle baby. Our hearts are so full. We love you!

Happy 1st Birthday, our sweet Hailey Jade! ❤